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Cupping SE Portland

Cupping opening up the pores to vent out heat and colds.  It is also very useful for allergy prevention and respiratory disorders.  * Athletes such as Michael Phelps and weekend warrior’s use cupping to speed up recovery, improve muscle movement, decrease muscle soreness and pain.  


Cupping Process

I use glass cups in which I place a burning cotton ball, to produce a partial vacuum. Once the flame is out I place the cup upside down onto the skin so suction can occur.  Once the treatment begins the patient will feel subjective sensations.  Some descriptions of what patients feel include Tingling, Warmth, Pulling, Grounding and Relaxing Sensations.  Once I was presented with a creative description, it came from one of my pediatric patients describing cupping as an octopus sucking up with its tentacles.”

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How Long do Cupping Treatments Take?

 Patient cupping treatment time will vary depending on what is being treated. A typical cupping treatment last between five and twenty-five minutes. Depending on the patient’s comfort level with the procedure.


What is Cupping?

Cupping is a technique I use to promote blood flow and move CHI.
It revs up the lymphatic system, therefore clears toxins and waste products in the body.  It grasps onto the fascia (a layer of connective tissue in which holds muscles in place) causing it to stretch, so it can release tension, adhesions and scar tissue.  It grasps the muscles to release tightness, knots and trigger points and improves range of motion.  Cupping will leave you feeling loose and relaxed after the treatment.

Cupping SE Portland