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Sports Injury Treatment SE Portland

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when a sports injury will happen. Athletes at all levels of training and competition, unfortunately, get hurt.  As an extreme athlete, Maya Martinez understands the intricacies of helping athletes recover faster with Acupuncture. Before becoming an Acupuncturist, Maya Martinez was an Exercise Physiologist. Giving her a unique understanding of both an Eastern and Western approach to recovery. Acupuncture allows athletes to recover at a much faster rate than traditional western medicine.


Why does Acupuncture help with Sports Injuries Recovery?

Acupuncture helps athletes recover faster by bringing blood flow to the injured area, promoting circulation, and helps to decrease healing time.


Sports Injury Recovery Acupuncture Treatments

With my practice, I needle both “Locally” directly into the problem area, and “Distally” using the bodies Holographic Recovery Mechanism. This allows me a more effective way to treat a patient and assures a faster recovery.
I use Electro-Stimulation to further increase the bodies response to our acupuncture treatment. 

Sports Injury Acupuncture in SE Portland (OR)

Acupuncture Holographic Recovery Mechanism?

The body functions in a Yin-Yang Mechanism. What this means is if you are having a problem with your left foot I can treat your right hand to help to promote healing. For every point on the body, there is a holographic point that can be used to treat your sports injury to facilitative faster recovery. 

Sports Injury Treament SE Portland - Acupunture Near You